Serving as a Fiduciary​

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Serving as Receiver, Special Fiscal Agent, Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors, Escrow Agent, Shareholder, Trustee, and Liquidating Trustee

SM Financial Services Corporation professionals serve as receiver, special fiscal agent, assignee for the benefit of creditors, escrow agent, shareholder, trustee, and liquidating trustee.

Serving as a fiduciary allows us to:

  • Oversee the wind-down of businesses
  • Take possession of a company’s assets and sell them in a manner maximizing proceeds to creditors
  • Advise creditors on their legal rights and remedies
  • Attach goods pre-judgment and petition the Court for businesses to be placed into receivership in order to secure and preserve assets
  • Satisfy creditors and ensure business operations balancing the needs of the many parties involved
  • Secure a business’s financial security by serving as escrow or special fiscal agent
  • Ensure corporate continuity by serving as sole shareholder

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