Monetizing Assets for Stakeholders

Focused on Solutions

Supervising Auctions and Sales of Real Estate, Machinery/Equipment, Inventory and IP

SM Financial Services Corporation can help monetize assets by supervising auctions and sales and enabling a systematic marketing and sale process for real estate, machinery/equipment, inventory and intellectual property. We manage all aspects of the disposition while working with bankruptcy trustees and estates, financial institutions, investors and companies across a wide range of industries.

We bring a valuable combination of financial, legal, marketing, and operational expertise to structure beneficial transactions, no matter how complex. Our expertise includes setting up and supervising on-site and web-based sales and auctions as well as privately negotiated sales. We achieve results by choosing the correct strategy or combination of strategies for each situation, as well as cost-effective services. We can also assess the possibility of purchasing assets outright.

Our focus is always to maximize value while working flexibly as a strategic and financial partner.

Focused on Solutions

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